Online & Live Classes For Baby & Parent


Each online class and course comes with full guidance with video instructions.

In Person

Each class is designed for safety, following full COVID protocols. For the next term of classes please see below


Your Instructor

Rachel Hawkes has been a baby massage & baby yoga instructor for over 15 years, teaching hundreds of parents and brings all that knowledge into each online class and course.

The mix of baby development, baby yoga and baby massage makes these classes unique. Parents gain knowledge of milestones, reflexes and much more alongside massage techniques and movement ideas.

Ongoing Support


Every online Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and Baby Development Class and Course is accompanied by support in a private Facebook Group, where Rachel is available to answer any questions you may have. A safe place where you can also connect with other parents. 


Classes & Courses

Buddha Buddies top poses in baby yoga
Buddha Buddies baby yoga with daddy
Buddha Buddies baby yoga group poses

Any Questions?


Drop me an email or visit the Facebook Page, which has lots of ideas on how baby massage, baby yoga and infant development can help you and your baby.

Buddha Buddies baby yoga