How to Keep Cool During Pregnancy

How to Keep Cool During Pregnancy

Being Pregnant In Summer

Pregnancy is like carrying around a hot water bottle with you all the time! Many mums love this but getting overly hot when pregnant is no joke. When the weather heats up, you are likely to feel that more than others. So here are some tips for keeping cool during pregnancy brought to you by Guest blogger Janet Penny. 

Top 10 Tips to Stay Cool During Pregnancy 

1. Run your wrists under tepid water. This will help cool the rest of your body too by lowering your core temperature. Don’t make the water too cold as it will constrict your blood vessels and send signals to your body to retain heat.

2. If you suffer from swollen ankles and feet, raise them up and drape them with cool wet towels. Also, take advantage of the weather to wear flip flops

3. Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water, 8 glasses a day is recommended. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink, take a bottle of water with you everywhere.

4. Go for a swim. I remember how much I loved swimming when I was pregnant, for one thing, I felt weightless for the whole time. Even if you can’t swim, spend some time submerged in the water at the shallow end, it’s a wonderful relief.

5. If you can, run your errands in the morning, before the sun gets too hot.

6. Wear large airy clothes of natural fibres, during the day as well as at night.

7. Keep your blinds and curtains closed during the day and windows open to keep the air circulating.

8. Invest in a fan and put a frozen bottle of water in front to add moisture to the air

9. If you find it difficult to stay cool at night, check out this cooling pillow

10. Carry a handheld fan with you for instant coolness

Pregnancy Photography with Janet Penny

Guest Blog by Family Photographer Janet Penny. Janet is based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England and specialises in baby, child and pregnancy photography. She has lovely blogs for mums and mums-to-be including baby names. She kindly offered some great tips on keeping cool during pregnancy to help all those mums that struggle to get comfortable in the heat. 

Janet runs Hushabye Photography, specialising in newborn, older baby and maternity photography. You can see her work on her website.  

When Baby Comes

Luckily your amazing body will find its thermometer again! If you are thinking of taking your newborn to classes then have a read of the article that offers some great ideas on what you can look for. If baby massage is on your list of things to do with your baby, you can also purchase the online baby massage course from Rachel. It has over 100 minutes of guided videos and each module allows you to take your time and learn all you need to comfortable massage your baby at home. 

baby massage at home

Rachel Hawkes

Rachel is a Complimentary Health Specialist, running a Wellbeing Centre and is the founder of Buddha Buddies, Baby and Children’s Yoga, Massage and Mindfulness classes. She is the author of Mindful Parenting – 40 Mindful Moments to share with your children. She is currently working with experts in the field of Pregnancy, Child Development and Mindfulness to bring more information to parents everywhere. You can check out her blog on Top Tips to bring in some Mindful Moments with your children.

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