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A new FREE resource Centre just for all those Mindful Parents out there! This includes FREE Printable sheets, Videos on simple Mindful Techniques, Audio downloads of Guided Meditations and much more.

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All of this is based on my book Mindful Parenting – 40 Mindful Moments to share with your children – Kindle and Paperback Versions out now, available on Amazon. Please do check it out and of course let me know what you think!

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Rachel Hawkes

Mindful Parenting – The new book by Rachel Hawkes
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Affirmations for Young Children

Affirmations for children


FREE A4 Printables – Affirmations to use with your children, just print it out, cut them out and either pop into a jar or even laminate and take with you. 

Click on the image to download your FREE printable sheets


Inspirational Quotations

Looking for some great quotes to use to inspire? Check out these gems from some well-known people. All set in a FREE downloadable A4 Sheet. Just print off, cut out and use when you and your children need a little inspiration.

Quotes for children




Guided Visualisations

If you are looking for Guided Visualisations to use with your children, have a listen to these. They are the audio version of all of the ones that can be found in the Mindful Parenting book.

An Introduction into Guided Meditations


For a collection of videos relating to Mindful Parenting.


Affirmations – How to use them now on Youtube.


Breathwork – A simple technique using the hands, on how to use the breath.


Breathwork – How to use all of the lungs, diaphragmatic breathing.  



Massage parent and child – Making a Pizza (coming soon)



Self Massage – Making a Pizza for children with sensory or tactile concerns (coming soon)


Essential Oils

If you are looking to add in some amazing essential oils to your Mindful Toolbox, then head over to the Doterra Page. Not only are they ethically and sustainably sourced but the quality of every oil ensures they are some of the purest oils on the market. I use them in my massage oils and also provide them to my parents in all my Baby Classes too.

Affirmations for Older Children

The use of Positive Affirmations is wildly known to be a great tool to help with many situations. Check out these ones:

Click on the image to download your FREE Printable Sheet



Feel free to print these out for your children: 

More items coming soon






Reading List

Great reads that you can find on Amazon

Mindful Moments – 40 Mindful Moments to Share with your Children By Rachel Hawkes 2019

Sitting Still Like a Frog by Eline Snel 2013

Connected Kids by Lorraine E. Murray 2014

The Science of Meditation by Daniel Goldman & Richard J. Davidson 2017

Roots and Wings Every childhood needs a revolution: A Handbook for Parents and Educators. By Alex Koster 2018

The Dalai Lama’s Book Of Wisdom by Dalai Lama 2012

The Whole Brain Child by Dr Tina Payne Bryson & Dr Daniel Siegel 2012

Pinterest Boards

I have been busy collating lots of useful Mindful Parenting titbits over on the Mindful Parenting board. Do give the board a follow!


There is so much research out there on the many benefits of Mindfulness for our children. This library will continue to build.

Mindfulness Training in Primary Schools Decreases Negative Affect and Increases Meta-cognition in Children



We all know how nutrition can play a significant part in our children’s wellbeing. I’m delighted that I can share some great tips from Hannah from The Nourished Body. She will be discussing some great things that you can add to your child’s diet along with top tips to help us, parents, too!

Great things to add in to your child’s diet

Probiotics – Suitable for children.

Hydration – Drinking plenty of water is really vital to you and your child’s wellbeing.

Mindful Toolbox

If you want to build your own little home Mindful Toolbox, then I can really recommend the following products. They are all from Amazon and you can just click the links. (I do earn commission from purchases made via these links, though it just about feeds the rabbit!)

Music – This can be something chilled that you are all familiar with or perhaps you can all choose some music together. Ambient music works well. I really like this Sound Healing Centre Album – very chilled.

Hoberman Sphere – Good old Amazon is great for these. I would recommend buying a good one, the cheap ones just break.

Colour Scarfs – I like the ones from Amazon but you can just as easily cut up some old ones you no longer use.

Mindful Stones – You can just have some that you collect or you can also often pick up lovely ones at museums. The link is to a lovely large collection of lots of different ones.

Eye Pillows – You can happily make your own eye pillows. There are plenty of YouTube videos or purchase these lovely ones from Yoga United. I have been using these in classes for years. They smell gorgeous and are washable.

Tibetan Singing Bowl – These are an investment, though kids love them and they will, of course, last a lifetime.

Tibetan Chimes – Again, these are very kid friendly and bring an element that is unique to any practice.

Feathers – Simple but still effective.

Empty Jars – Just wash and then they’re ready to go.

Coloured Crayons / Pencils / Paper

Balloons – I love using a range of colours. These ones are great.

Seasonal Objects (Flowers/ Autumn Leaves etc) – just have a look in your garden or on the way to school.

Bubbles – if you can get a small bubble machine, they are still great fun for all ages.


Some great websites for further resources for anything to do with Mindful Parenting:


Providing courses for Primary School Educators looking to introduce Yoga & Mindfulness into the main curriculum

Cosmic Kids

A fab online resource for parents on yoga and mindfulness

Left Brain Buddha

Offering lots of advice and support for parents looking to be mindful.

Nourish To Thrive

A great website for Mums who need any Post-Natal Support with tips and blogs. I love their Nourished Mum Cards. Perfect for Mindful Moments for parents.

10 of Zen

10 of zen provides mindfulness tools and training to help mums to help them to stress less and love more. They work in soundbite sessions lasting 10-mins or less and have a library of free meditations online.

Mindful Apps

I know that there is lots of snobbery regarding the nature of using an app to meditate or practice mindfulness.

Personally, I love a good one. They remind me that it is the accessibility that is important.

Insight Timer – My app of choice. Perfect for a sense of connection to others and the variety of high-quality content.

The Gratitude App – Sounds strange but it pops a little reminder to you every day to think about something you are grateful for. I love it!