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I have been teaching Baby Yoga for over 13 years and I have seen the ‘baby class’ market change beyond recognition. In many ways it is amazing, the choice out there for parents now is so diverse: swimming, massage, music, signing, gym, messy or play. There can of course never be too much choice – though perhaps it leads to confusion of what it is a parent is looking for?

What do YOU want from a class?

This may seem a strange place to start – but trust me it is a good one! If you are looking to bring a young baby out to a class then YOU need to decide what you want to get out of that class? If it is to meet other mums, have time to chat or just get out of the house – they are all great reasons for coming along.

Where do I start?

So start with the basics – what do you want? What do I want my baby to get out of the class? Can they benefit in a way that I can clearly see? Then the logistics – where, when and how much. Again, don’t commit to a class that starts just as you are about to out your baby down for a nap. Throwing your routine to ‘fit in’ a class often does not work for either or you. Do not think you have to do ‘all’ the classes straight away, plan what will work for you both. Different activities will also suit different stages in the first 18 months especially.

Baby Yoga – why choose Buddha Buddies?

You have now narrowed your list – still which one though? A BB Baby Yoga class is all about your baby’s development. Think of Yoga as the ‘tool’ we use to highlight what is happening with your baby now and what will happen over the following months. Each class is different with elements that remain repeated, this is to embed the moves into your baby’s brain (more on this on the next two blogs). Combining movement, music, props and a great social dynamic allows your baby to transition through stages with you seeing a clear progress of what is happening – though more importantly – you understand why!

A class for everyone

I believe firmly that these classes will benefit anyone who attends – the joy of course – the choice is yours! There are always plenty of Baby Classes running – if you would like to know about any baby classes in your area then check out some of the local baby directories where you live. Hoop, Netmums and Class4Kids are all great starting points. Buddha Buddies are there but there are lots of amazing classes to choose from. Though I do hope to see you at a BB Class soon!

Learn more about how your baby is developing

If you would like to know more about the many and amazing ways your baby is developing then check out the other articles. Covering baby’s brain, structure, top tips for yoga at home, how to help with Chicken Pox and many more coming all the time. x Namaste We love hearing what you think of our little tips, so do please leave a comment below. We are also on Facebook, and have a regular newsletter. Sign ups and follow buttons are all below!  

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