14 Benefits of Baby Massage

14 Benefits of Baby Massage

Why You Need Baby Massage In Your Daily Baby Routine

We are all very aware of Baby Massage, however, it has only become so widespread during the last 10-15 years. This is mainly due to the amazing research that took place around 2004 by Dr Tiffany Fields at the Touch Institute, Miami. Studies were run in Neo-Natal Units, where pre-term babies were massaged daily.

The results were profound with research showing that babies fed more, slept better and therefore left the hospital before their non-massage counterparts. As you can imagine, it has now lead to the integration of Baby Massage into most Western Cultures as we all accept the benefits of Baby Massage.


As parents, we know that although our little baby may not have any verbal language they are able to let us know whether they are happy, unhappy, hungry, tired or content in many other ways. It is one of those amazing skills that parents develop quickly – how to ‘read’ their baby! Other’s will come up to your crying baby and say ‘oh he must be hungry?’ but you know that is not the way he acts when hungry, this time he is tired. How do you know?

It’s all about the non-verbal communication, how he cry’s is just part of it. Is he also using his any other parts of his body? Are his eyes closed? As a parent, you learn to read these cue’s very quickly.

How does Baby Massage fit in? Well, how about touch as communication? Parents use it instinctively, we stroke our babies when they are tired or upset, we rock them to soothe them, we pat their back to reassure. Massage is yet another method of adding touch into this language. We call it the power of ‘positive touch’.

Video on Baby Massage Benefits

Benefits of Baby Massage


Bonding With Baby

Every parent assumes that when their baby arrives they will ‘naturally’ feel a connection. That is not always possible, as for many babies they may be taken away from birth due to arriving early or problems during labour. For parents this trauma can be ongoing, they feel they have missed essential moments with their baby. Massage can help every parent with this bond. A time that you set aside just between you, your baby is the only focus. You are both able to develop that connection in a calm, relax environment. The use of repeated strokes can assist you both to allow a sense of security but also activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This is our involuntary system, that regulates heart rate and blood pressure. Massage can help to regulate the heart rate and lower blood pressure, in both baby and parent – both win! You can read more on Bonding with your baby on our Guest post from Parenting expert, Sarah Weller.

Health Benefits for Baby Massage

There are so many different ways that massage actually benefits the physical, emotional and mental well-being of your baby.

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces heart rate
  • Produces oxytocin (the feel-good hormone)
  • Decreases adrenaline (one of the hormones relating to stress)
  • Deepens the breath – deeper and longer breathing
  • Assists in weight gain due to the above

Health Benefits for Parents When Massaging Your Baby

Yes, you too benefit when you are performing a baby massage.

The repetition of the strokes can also address your para-sympathetic nervous system in a similar way to your baby’s, including:

  • Lowers your blood pressure
  • Releases Oxytocin
  • Increases the emotional bond between you and your baby
  • Deepens your breath as you tend to breathe more deeply as you perform the strokes
  • Increases your confidence


Establish Baby Routines

At some point in the early months, most parents strive to establish a routine for themselves and their baby. Based around feed times, sleep times and other family aspects (such as an older sibling).

Newborn massage is a great way of assisting in setting habitual behaviour, that you can create by making baby massage part of your baby routine EVERY day.

In all classes, I discuss how adding simple things like lighting and music all help ‘set the scene’. Creating an environment that is then always associated with their baby massage gives your baby a sense of security which adds to the benefit of the routine. With this added security babies often feed and sleep better.

Again a great win for parents.

Many More Benefits Of Baby Massage

There are lots of other benefits for both you and your baby from regular infant massage. However, the key is to learn some techniques that you feel confident enough to take home and use regularly. Many more benefits are discussed during the Massage Your Baby Course.

This course is available in person (UK based), but also online. Often parents in classes bring up new ideas of how massage benefits their family, as we have plenty of time to chat over a cup of tea at the end of classes.

You will cover more of the benefits in both the online course and in person classes.

How Can I Learn Infant Massage?

You can come to local classes if you are in Kent. See the class page for all the details of when and where baby massage classes in West Malling run.

The ability to pop to a live class is not always possible. We have all learned to adapt over the last 18+ months, and many new parents will still be shielding, or just unsure if they are ready to come to a in person class.

Also, I know that many of you reading this will be based in other Countries, so do not worry. You can still gain from all of the baby massage BENEFITS listed but know that you and your family are safe.

The LEARN BABY MASSAGE AT HOME Course is designed to be as full of information as any course that I would normally be delivered in person.

Learn How To Massage Your Baby



You can check out all the details including a FREE Basics Of Baby Massage Video too. All created by Rachel, a Parenting expert who has been teaching parents all the essentials of baby massage and much more for 17 years.

How To Get Started With Baby Massage

HOW TO GET STARTED With Baby Massage Video

You can grab the free video that has some simple ways to get started with your baby massage.

Other things to remember that are important for your infant massage time:

  • Pick a suitable time of day
  • Use a good quality Baby Massage Oil
  • Ensure your environment is warm
  • Turn off the phone
  • Learn a few strokes that you and your baby enjoy

To watch the FREE video from Rachel and understand even more of the basics of baby massage then watch the FREE VIDEO

If you would like more details of some of the amazing research carried out by Dr Tiffany Field then please have a look – Research

Thanks for reading and I hope that you will take the time to visit Mindful Parenting or read some of the other useful blogs.

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How To Create A Routine With Baby Massage

How To Create A Routine With Baby Massage

Baby Routines – Where to start?

You may think that there is no way you can add in a routine, you bearly have time to have a wee!

Read on, and grab some tips that you can start using TODAY to simply and without any stress look at your day, and how you can start making it easier.

What’s This About Baby Massage?

Baby Massage has now become one of the most popular classes to attend for mums with little babies. No wonder, the classes are chilled, engaging and mums get to learn a whole load of massage techniques that they can use at home.

In a Buddha Buddies Baby Class or online course, all aspects of learning how to massage your baby are covered. Making it part of your routine is an essential element.

What Baby Routine!!!

Although most mums would agree that having a daily routine is something that they have or trying to establish, it is not often as easy as it sounds.

For many mums there are a number of issues that make creating a routine very tricky. These can be from birth issues (long stays in hospital) to post-birth complications for baby or mum, to lack of additional support. Add in mass sleep deprivation and it can all just be too much.

How Can Baby Massage Help?

Somtimes you just need to start small.

I often have very small babies in classes (from 4 weeks and feeding every 2 hours). It can seem a mammoth task to put ANYTHING into a regular pattern. Baby Massage can help.

In a class or with the online course you will learn a ‘massage routine‘, which can take up to 45 mins to complete. However, you can just choose 3-4 massage ‘strokes’ that your baby likes. This may only take 4-5 minutes but can still have a positive effect on your and your baby (you can read all about the Benefits of Baby Massage in our blog).

4-5 Minutes a day – that is all you need to start with.

How To Make A Baby Routine – In Easy Steps

First, think of WHEN that will work.

It is often hugely beneficial before bedtime, after the bath before the last feed. Or this might not work and you find that the morning works best. How is your current baby routine? Do you have a nighttime routine? A daytime routine? A feeding routine? You might have more baby routines than you think.

Working little bits of baby massage into each day, will soon turn into a regular baby routine – without you even trying!

The key is, repeat that 4-5 minutes at roughly the same time, EVERY day – Then you have your daily baby routine!

Breaking this down into small time chunks is doable – a small step. If you repeat this every day, you are creating a Routine! Hurrah – it might be all you can manage at this point.

Just take those few precious moments every day and enjoy.

Infant Massage At Home

Learn How To Massage Your Baby

We are not all able to get to a ‘live’ class. So the need for a high quality Baby Massage Course that you can use in the comfort of your own home is needed.

I have developed this online course based on my 15 years of teaching. It includes over 100 mins of Video, a PDF download and full instructions. Alongside a supportive VIP group, where you can ask any questions, during and after the course.

There is a FREE BABY MASSAGE VIDEO you can watch to see if the full course is for you.

Developing your Baby Routine

You are past those early weeks and some parts of your day are starting to look similar. It feels like a massive milestone, you are getting there!

Develop your Baby Massage routine alongside this. If your baby is now happier for longer before bed, then add some more Baby Massage in, take it up to 7-8 minutes, or longer.

Some days will always work better than others, but don’t worry or stress. It is all part of your journey and the important thing is to be aware that those small steps are starting to become more manageable.

Your routine will change as your baby grows, sleeping and feeding patterns change and you will need to adjust around those. Then you put in colds, teething, injections, holidays and days out and it is easy to see why your lovely routine has flown out the window. Just know that you can establish a new routine, putting those small steps back into place.

Buddha Buddies baby yoga

Purchase The Online Course

Your Growing Baby

One of the things I mention in my classes with my Buddha Buddies mummies, every time you reach that point of ‘something needs to change’, it inevitably does!

Having Baby Massage as part of this routine ‘toolkit’ can really help you as a parent. Remember, you can use it at any time.

It can be a great mood changer as it affects so many of the physical and emotional systems. As well as being calming to receive, it is also soothing to give. Those repeated strokes can have a lovely affect on you too!

Your baby will go through enormous changes in this first year – it is indeed a journey for you both. So don’t sweat the small stuff, enjoy those moments and try to make your Baby Massage part of your daily routine.

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8 Reasons Why Mums Are Loving Baby Massage?

8 Reasons Why Mums Are Loving Baby Massage?

Why Baby Masage?

Well, most mums or Mums-to-be have now heard of baby massage. Classes are now readily available and there are books, blogs and videos for anyone who wants to pick up some techniques. The question is, why are mum’s now adding in Baby Massage as something to do with their baby? Well, I thought I would put together a brief ‘hit list’ of some of the many reasons why Mum’s love massaging their baby’s.

Massage Your Baby – 8 Reasons Why You Should (You Will Love #5!)

  1. Building a bond – The evidence is pretty clear that the connection that is established while massaging your baby has a long term effect on that all-important bond.
  2. Easy to do – Yes, once you know a few techniques it is simple and actually intuitive – let’s face it nature gets us to stroke our baby’s without even thinking about it.
  3. Anyplace – you do not need to be anywhere in particular – no special room is required. You just create the right atmosphere, using low lighting, perhaps some ambient music and you have the setting all good to go. Meaning you can massage your baby away from home, on holiday or perhaps staying at the in-laws.
  4. Fits into your routine – I know, the dreaded routine, though most parents will agree that having one certainly helps. Massage becomes a part of every day. Whether you choose to massage before bed, or perhaps after the first-morning feed. Whatever works for your routine, Baby Massage can slot in.
  5. Calming for baby and parent – It is a double whammy – both the giver and receiver of Baby Massage feel the calming influence. Blood pressure drops, breathing rate deepens and heart rate slows. Those repetitive strokes are as effectual on you, as your baby.
  6. Getting Dads involved – This can often be a tricky thing for new dads, where do they fit in. Especially so if a mum is breastfeeding. So how about making the Baby Massage time the one that Daddy gets to do? A chance for them to connect and enjoy some real quality bonding time with their baby. Poor Daddy’s are often neglected in being part of a routine. Baby Massage is an easy way for them to have that time – just between them and baby.
  7. Mindful Mummy Moments – Mindfulness appears to be the new buzz word – however, for mum,s it can be the most natural thing in the world. You know the moments, when you have just spent 20 mins staring at your baby’s face – now that is a Mindful Mummy Moment. How about being aware of that when you massage your baby? Make that eye contact, talk to them and feel everything else slip away.
  8. Amazing Benefits – Not only all of the previous 7 but also the physical aspect or creating that contact allows for babies to feel more secure, increasing oxytocin levels (happy hormones) and decreasing any of the stress hormones (adrenaline etc) – leading to a baby that feds better and sleeps better.

Massage Your Baby with Rachel Hawkes

Everyones a Winner

I know, I nearly burst into song when I wrote that headline but in this case, it really is true. The reason mums are learning to massage their baby’s are the amazing upside without any downside! Benefits for baby, mum and dad so if you have not had a go at Baby Massage yet, then now is the time.

You can also read more about which classes you should choose in a previous blog. Or perhaps you want to check out some of the techniques you can use to Massage Your Baby? If so check out our Pinterest board. If you are live in Kent, you can always pop along to one of the Buddha Buddies Baby Yoga & Massage classes and learn everything you will need to confidently Massage Your Baby at home.  You can learn more on the Buddha Buddies website    

Baby Massage At Home

If you are looking to learn the techniques of baby massage in the comfort of your own home, then look no further!

This complete course has all you need, with full video instructions, PDF Handbook and support via a VIP Group. All delivered by Parenting Expert Rachel Hawkes. At only £37, it is the perfect way to learn all you need to get massaging your baby TODAY!

Massage Your Baby At Home
Your complete online baby massage course

Feel free to also connect via Facebook too! I am always popping in there with updates and more videos and tips.