8 Reasons Why Mums Are Loving Baby Massage?

8 Reasons Why Mums Are Loving Baby Massage?

Why Baby Masage?

Well, most mums or Mums-to-be have now heard of baby massage. Classes are now readily available and there are books, blogs and videos for anyone who wants to pick up some techniques. The question is, why are mum’s now adding in Baby Massage as something to do with their baby? Well, I thought I would put together a brief ‘hit list’ of some of the many reasons why Mum’s love massaging their baby’s.

Massage Your Baby – 8 Reasons Why You Should (You Will Love #5!)

  1. Building a bond – The evidence is pretty clear that the connection that is established while massaging your baby has a long term effect on that all-important bond.
  2. Easy to do – Yes, once you know a few techniques it is simple and actually intuitive – let’s face it nature gets us to stroke our baby’s without even thinking about it.
  3. Anyplace – you do not need to be anywhere in particular – no special room is required. You just create the right atmosphere, using low lighting, perhaps some ambient music and you have the setting all good to go. Meaning you can massage your baby away from home, on holiday or perhaps staying at the in-laws.
  4. Fits into your routine – I know, the dreaded routine, though most parents will agree that having one certainly helps. Massage becomes a part of every day. Whether you choose to massage before bed, or perhaps after the first-morning feed. Whatever works for your routine, Baby Massage can slot in.
  5. Calming for baby and parent – It is a double whammy – both the giver and receiver of Baby Massage feel the calming influence. Blood pressure drops, breathing rate deepens and heart rate slows. Those repetitive strokes are as effectual on you, as your baby.
  6. Getting Dads involved – This can often be a tricky thing for new dads, where do they fit in. Especially so if a mum is breastfeeding. So how about making the Baby Massage time the one that Daddy gets to do? A chance for them to connect and enjoy some real quality bonding time with their baby. Poor Daddy’s are often neglected in being part of a routine. Baby Massage is an easy way for them to have that time – just between them and baby.
  7. Mindful Mummy Moments – Mindfulness appears to be the new buzz word – however, for mum,s it can be the most natural thing in the world. You know the moments, when you have just spent 20 mins staring at your baby’s face – now that is a Mindful Mummy Moment. How about being aware of that when you massage your baby? Make that eye contact, talk to them and feel everything else slip away.
  8. Amazing Benefits – Not only all of the previous 7 but also the physical aspect or creating that contact allows for babies to feel more secure, increasing oxytocin levels (happy hormones) and decreasing any of the stress hormones (adrenaline etc) – leading to a baby that feds better and sleeps better.

Massage Your Baby with Rachel Hawkes

Everyones a Winner

I know, I nearly burst into song when I wrote that headline but in this case, it really is true. The reason mums are learning to massage their baby’s are the amazing upside without any downside! Benefits for baby, mum and dad so if you have not had a go at Baby Massage yet, then now is the time.

You can also read more about which classes you should choose in a previous blog. Or perhaps you want to check out some of the techniques you can use to Massage Your Baby? If so check out our Pinterest board. If you are live in Kent, you can always pop along to one of the Buddha Buddies Baby Yoga & Massage classes and learn everything you will need to confidently Massage Your Baby at home.  You can learn more on the Buddha Buddies website    

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