Which Baby Carrier To Choose?

Interview with Ruth Grint – Carrying Connections

Ruth is a Baby Wearing Consultant and has some great tips and advice on baby carriers and baby slings and baby wearing tricks.

This is based on the live interview that you can also access below, where Ruth came into the Buddha Buddies Facebook page and offered some great tips for the parents.

Why Choose A Baby Carrier?

Ruth: “My name’s Ruth, So I am to baby wearing consultant. When my boy was born, he had severe reflux from day one, basically as much milk came up as went in.I knew that the only thing that seemed to comfort him and keep some of the milk in was keeping him upright. So I got some cheap baby carrier, from Ebay, and I looked at my baby and I looked at the carrier and I thought, there is no way that it’s going to be safe to see my baby in this carrier. So I went to my local library and I had a trial of one with them and it just it changed my life.

It changed our parenting journey. And it helped me to keep Matthew up, to keep him comfortable, to keep him close and connected. And, yeah, I just enjoyed using it so much that I actually trained up to be a supporter. And I’m a trained consultant, which means that I’ve done by intensive training. I had to do CPD. I’m insured and all of the boring stuff and the advantage of that being, I do all the research, I do all the technical stuff so that you as a parent can just concentrate on choosing a nice product and being safe and comfortable and confident in using it.”

Rachel: “I know exactly what you mean with the with the reflux and colic. When I am teaching in classes, I’ve had a lot of babies with reflux and colic and it’s one of the things I always say, again and again most probably my number one tip. Do not let your baby lie flat. Yeah. And for classes, obviously that can be problematic. But actually if you put them in a more upright position, they’re more comfortable.

But it’s lovely for me because where I teach locally, a lot of the people live locally and more and more over the last few years, I’ve seen rather than people turning up with Pushchairs or Buggies, they’re turning up with with a sling or some sort of carrier so that they’re walking, they are wearing their babies. Happily, they’ve normally got a rucksack for the mummy stuff. Yeah, but inevitably always have a coffee cup in the other hand, which I think is another is a hidden bonus that nobody talks about.”

“And it’s that moment when they go, oh my goodness, I’ve got my hands back, that moment when they realise that they can play with a toddler or have a drink or hold the child’s hand, which is a bit of a novelty in those early parenting days. And we know that actually keeping your baby close is better for them. It’s better for you than it just helps you in your parenting journey.”

how to safely use a baby carrier

Who Are Baby Carriers Suitable For?

“There’s pretty much no family for whom I cannot work with. I’ve helped parents whose babies have had additional needs, a heart condition, cystic fibrosis, things like that. Babies that were born premature. Babies were they have little muscle tone. Most parents, we can help them with support to get that close connection.”

Maternal Instincts

Ruth and I discussed how a parent’s natural instinct is to hold their baby. We are often put under pressure in our society to put our baby’s down, and although we both agree that we cannot simply hold our babies all day and night we also could have that close contact with our babies when they needed it, without feeling guilty.

That for me is one of the biggest benefits of using a baby carrier or baby sling.

What is your instinct telling you to do?

Ruth: “And it is always to pick my baby up. If you are grown up upset, you wouldn’t just leave and see if you calm down. You wouldn’t expect them to make themselves better. You go over them, you’d speak to them gently, you comfort them. Why would it be any different with babies? And I think we are seeing change. I think we are going back to more responsive parenting and I think we’ve got a long way to go.

Old habits die hard. I get a lot of parents whose own parents are pressuring them into being a certain way with their child. And yeah, hopefully carrying is something that, you know, ultimately it’s your choice. But I’ve yet to get here a good argument against carrying the baby.

Benefits Of Baby Wearing

There are so many benefits to carrying your baby. We discussed a few:

Ruth: “I’m not saying that a sling is going to solve every problem I know. But it feeds into so many areas. It helps with like connection, it helps with bonding, it helps with sleep, and it helps you to pick up other cues. If you’re breastfeeding, it helps with breastfeeding. If you bottle feeding, it still helps because you can still maintain that connection and the bond. And if your partner is helping you by using a sling, it helps them to bond with the child. But it also means if the baby is in the sling, stay with that. It’s a nice, comfortable content space and you can go and have a bath or have a break or have a snooze, whatever it is, because that baby’s still in a kind of really comfortable place. Safety. Yeah, a place of safety that you as a mom know that your baby’s in a place of safety.

Which Baby Carrier To Choose?

Watch the video to see some of the carriers that Ruth actually demonstrates. As she is not affiliated with any ONE company she really can offer the best impartial advice.

How To Wear Your Baby Sling

Again this is covered with a live demonstration in the video – much better than still shots and lots of text.


How To Connect With Ruth And Learn More About Choosing Your Baby Carrier

Ruth: “Simple. So I’ve got three options. One is that you can go looking for your own carrier or, you can book a video call with me where we go see different things.

Or you can purchase my online course.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of the night, if it’s 6:00am on the weekend. The course is there to take you from knowing nothing about slings or maybe being overwhelmed. And there’s so many choices. And by the end of the course you should feel confident, comfortable and safe.So it teaches you the different choices of baby slings and the advantages and disadvantages of each type of baby carrier or baby sling. And it will tell you how to use them step by step videos, because the feeding in a sling and a lot of sort questions that people have come up, you find come up a lot.”

You can catch Ruth on her Facebook Page Carrying Connects

You can also purchase her online course via her website She is based in the UK but able to offer her services to anywhere in the world (the joy of zoom).

For more ways to bond with your baby check out the baby massage techniques that will help build that connection


Newborn Massage



I hope that this has given you some ideas on which baby sling or infant carrier is right for you. For other great parenting tips, including exclusive FREEBIES please do sign up to the newsletter.











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