Your Brain

As adults we are aware that our brain is divided into two halves – each having very distinctive roles. What, though does that mean for our babies and children?

Well let’s break it down to basics to start:


  • Responsible for the control of the RIGHT side of the body
  • Artistic/creative side
  • Insight/imagination
  • Musical awareness
  • Left hand control


  • Responsible for the control of the LEFT side of the body
  • Academic/logical side
  • Language
  • Logic/reasoning
  • Science/maths
  • Written
  • Right hand control

So both sides control very different functions – most of which will not be needed in these early months. Although what is also developing is the bridge that connects both hemispheres. Communication between the two is essential – more about that in our next blog!

Your Baby’s Brain

Our baby’s’ brain is busy forming new networks that once formed can then be used for pretty much anything, from language to fine motor skills. The process of forming these networks is biologically driven, but experiences also allow connects to form.

Simply put – it is just as important what we do with our babies, to create these experiences as it is to allow the body to form them on its own.

Although in a Buddha Buddies Baby Yoga class we do not talk in depth about the brain – what is covered is how it develops and what this means to YOUR baby. Milestones and reflexes are just part of this developmental process, and there are many things we do in classes to bring our awareness to these key points of development.

So, if you would like to know what is happening, when and why with your baby’s development then pop along to a BB class.

Don’t forget our next blog will cover how both side communicate! So if you want to read about different techniques to try at home then check out the article on Mid Line Crossing

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